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Sunday, 9 September 2007

now with added masterweb and IB Geek Girl

Welcome to the brand spanking new Web 2.0–ified ecanus•net! It's been a long time coming, but the old place was beginning to look a little grubby, so I decided it was time for a makeover. Much of v1 of the site was lost in a somewhat unplanned server move during September 2006 – some of it will be finding it's way back online eventually, other bits probably won't, but the site now has a couple of new bits along with some of the stuff that was formerly on my MasterWeb site. I hope you like them!


Welcome to ecanus•net, my own little cover of cyberspace. ecanus•net is a place where I share completed works of fiction, works in progress and thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

You're probably wondering why this page has got a picture of a birdhouse on it....and if you weren't before you probably are now <hehe!> Well, it's there for the simple reason that I couldn't find a suitable picture of an ordinary house. ecanus•net itself doesn't live in a house; it lives on a server, but I couldn't find a suitable pic of one of those either, so it looks like we're all stuck with the birdhouse for now!

"Enough of your rambling!" I hear you cry. "What's this place about then?" Well....ecanus•net is the home of my creative ramblings, including the archive of my poetry, and a selection of my short stories.

There's also a graphics section, containing some of my graphics which you may or may not find useful, some of my photography (the ones where I remembered to take the lens cap off!), and it's also home to my smiley collection which you're free to use to post on forums etc. as long as you follow the rules. There's also a section on web design, my assorted ramblings on accessibility, and code snippets which I've found useful for my sites. The relaunched blog will follow along again very shortly.

Make yourself at home, take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable.

Fallen Angel

Today's poem

Appearing below with any luck you should be seeing one of my latest poems. These are selected randomly by the squirrels that run this place, so if you don't like the one that's there, try refreshing the page and see what comes up – just don't do it too often or the squirrels get a bit antsy if they have to do too much work! ;–)


One little lonely cell wanting to divide,
wanted to be two, but ended up five.
Five little lonely cells wanna play the game,
they wanted to be two, but ended up the same.
Not so lonely little cells now, a crowd, a group, a mass,
but still they wanna play the game, so guess what came to pass?
The cells, they were a friendly bunch, so invited neighbours in,
and they too divided, but quintuplets instead of twins.
Now the mass they were a-growing, and from the world they tried to hide,
as they changed their world around them so they could survive.
And their presence went unnoticed when they numbered few,
but as the mass extended their being started to give clues,
but by then their number was so great, they wouldn't easily go away,
and their presence was extended more when lonely little cells did stray.
And they changed their world to keep them safe,
to protect them from harm,
but their world could not sustain them,
and their presence began to cause alarm.
Their world provided nurture, but also was a prison cell,
for in changing their world they also sounded their own death knell.
Their world it started breaking down,
their numbers it could not sustain,
their world became a battleground, of fight, of fear, of pain.
And when their world could take no more,
and their host did die,
it took with it their life force, and left them high and dry.

One little lonely cell wanting to divide,
wanted to be two, but ended up five.
Five little lonely cells, the outcome's always the same,
a world of fight, a world of fear, a world that ends in pain.


Mitosis is the process of cell division in cells that produces cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell – the poem takes some artistic licence though in the description of the process of division. "Mitosis" is inspired by my grandmother's battle with bowel cancer. Though she fought for four months after her cancer was diagnosed, ultimately we all knew what the outcome would be. Her cancer died with her on 16th July 2007.

"Mitosis" is dedicated to Mary Ellen Turner, 1921 – 2007.