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Fallen Angel's Background Images

What's here then? My collection of assorted background graphics. See the bottom of the page for the simple rules on using them.

How to get the images? Simply "right click" on the image and choose "Save As" to save the image to your computer. To use as the background for a web page you can use the following CSS in your stylesheet: body { background: url(image_filename.gif); } and the image will repeat to fill the background.

Fallen Angel's background images
Image Tiled example Image dimensions Colour scheme
    12px by 12px black/grey
    12px by 12px black/blue
    12px by 12px black/white
    12px by 12px blue/white
    12px by 12px grey/white
    120px by 20px grey/white
    120px by 20px grey/black
    12px by 12px grey/white
    12px by 12px grey/white
    50px by 50px grey/pink
    50px by 50px grey
    12px by 12px white/blue/aqua
    12px by 12px white/red
    12px by 12px black/green
    12px by 12px black/green
    12px by 12px black/grey/white
    12px by 12px white/blue
    12px by 12px orange/white
    12px by 12px orange/white
    12px by 12px orange/white

The Rules

Background images may be used freely for whatever purpose you wish as long as you don't a) bundle 'em all up and claim you did them, or b) try hot–linking them (or I'll set the kung fu squirrels onto you!). I just love playing with pixels and I'm happy to set them free to live life out in the electronic world. A credit's not necessary but a link back to ecanus•net's appreciated.

My fractals may be used with my permission only. Contact me with your request using my web form – I don't bite (often).

Fallen Angel