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Fallen Angel's Graphics

The graphics section of ecanus•net is home to my collection of graphics (I guess the title sort of gave that one away though!). This is the place you'll find my collection of graphics including tiling background graphics, my experiments with fractals, my photography, and my smiley collection.

Latest Graphics

Appearing for the first time on ecanus•net are my collection of background images and experiments with fractals – they're the ones on the Graphics page. Quite unsurprisingly, on the Photos page you'll find some of my recent photography, and on the Smileys pages you'll find my collection of smileys.

Can I use your graphics on my website/blog/whatever?

You may use the smileys freely on forums etc. providing you follow the rules Background images may be used freely for whatever purpose you wish as long as you don't a) bundle 'em all up and claim you did them, or b) try hot–linking them (or I'll set the kung fu squirrels onto you!). Photographs and other graphics may be used with my permission only. Contact me with your request using my web form – I don't bite (often).

Fallen Angel