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If it's on this site and it hasn't got a copyright mark or is otherwise indicated as being someone else's work, then it's done by me, Fallen Angel at Ecanus•net.

Unless otherwise stated, all work, inlcuding poetry, graphics and code is created by me, and I own the copyright of it. Using any of this without authorisation will result in a polite warning followed by legal action.

You may post my smileys by linking directly to this site using the url on the 'smileys' page on forums providing that you do not alter the filename or path in any way. If you wish to use them on a website, please link back to this site – ecanus•net. You may not link to any other graphics or resources in this way – such linking is bandwidth theft, which I take very seriously and will persue vigourously.

Reproduction of ecanus•net poetry, prose, images or graphics including photographs in any format, unless otherwise stated, is not permitted without prior permission. If you wish to use any of my work, please contact me.

For further information on any usage restrictions on resources on this site, please see the appropriate page for further details.