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So here we are, Fallen Angel's poetry page. I thought about arranging them by subject, then I thought about arranging them by date, and then it all started getting rather complicated, so I decided instead just to stick with a plain and simple A to Z by title. Want to see all the poems with titles beginning with C? Just click the 'C' and as if by magic the poems shall appear! Them squirrels that run this place ain't half speedy!

This is my assorted collection of poems spanning the years. These cover many times, places and feelings. Some have details of where I was when I wrote them, what I was doing, and what inspired them. With others, it's so long ago now I've no idea where they came from, only that I liked them enough to keep them around.

Some were written as 'me', some for other people, and some while I was trying to get "into character" for whatever I happened to be writing at the time – the weird ones, I'm claiming insanity grounds on. ;–)


British Rail Apologises for the Delay

Tomorrow I must make a journey
To a place that's far away.
It's near in miles
But in my heart
It grows further
Every day.

I try to think
And change my mind,
But it's something I must do.
There's something there
I've got to see
But now it isn't you.

An hour – a fraction of a lifetime.
My destination's near
A thought – a lifetime in a lifetime
As I dry a single tear


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Broken Wings

This one's a slight re–write of 'Daedelus and...'. I've no idea now what the re–write was for, and the two versions are almost identical, but being as this is the complete archive I thought I'd better put all of them in.

Icarus white and pure your wings
Lay on the ground and I can't help recall,
But I canít help thinking
You're someone else,
Someone I don't know at all.
The sparkling eyes
of innocence,
The smile I can't forget,
But the sadness in your eyes
You tried so hard to disguise
I saw when we first met.

Because you flew too high and you
flew too fast
and you fell down to the ground,
And when I look
In the morning light I see
broken wings on the cold hard ground;
Because the fanciful boy
the perfect angel
tried so hard to be free,
He didn't heed the warnings
that everyone gave
Blinded by the sun he just
couldn't see.


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By Return of Post/Living on a Dream/The Bearer

It is a gift
Accept it without question.
I ask for nothing in return,
Just that you will take it,
All I have to give.

Maybe on lonely days
In years to come,
You will take it out
The memory of the good times.
All I have to give.

There is nothing you will take, now
You turn away from our past,
When we meet by chance
You turn away
Not wanting to live in the past.

I know you hold dear now
The gift of another.
I can't blame you,
Our life was a dream of the past,
When you had everything to give.

They call it a gift,
But in the post there's a parcel,
And the sender bears no address.
I gave all I had
Laid a bet on a daydream.
But you returned my gift, second hand.

(date unknown)

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