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So here we are, Fallen Angel's poetry page. I thought about arranging them by subject, then I thought about arranging them by date, and then it all started getting rather complicated, so I decided instead just to stick with a plain and simple A to Z by title. Want to see all the poems with titles beginning with C? Just click the 'C' and as if by magic the poems shall appear! Them squirrels that run this place ain't half speedy!

This is my assorted collection of poems spanning the years. These cover many times, places and feelings. Some have details of where I was when I wrote them, what I was doing, and what inspired them. With others, it's so long ago now I've no idea where they came from, only that I liked them enough to keep them around.

Some were written as 'me', some for other people, and some while I was trying to get "into character" for whatever I happened to be writing at the time – the weird ones, I'm claiming insanity grounds on. ;–)


Daedalus and...

Icarus white and pure your wings
Lay on the bed I can't help but recall,
But I canít help thinking
You're someone else,
Someone I don't know at all.
The sparkling eyes
of innocence,
The smile I can't forget,
And you melted my heart
And you tore me apart –
I should have known when we first met.

And I was yours – but now I'm...what?

Because you flew too high and you
Flew to fast
And we fell down to the ground,
And when I look
In the morning light I see
broken wings on the cold hard ground;
Because the foolish boy
And the perfect angel
And the fool, I guess that's me,
Didn't heed the warnings
that everyone gave
Blinded by the sun we just
couldn't see.


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Emerald green, bright butter yellow crowned,
The daffodil spurs through cold hard ground,
As the harsh frosts of Winter melt into Spring,
Bright splashes to the garden the daffodils bring.
Golden trumpets raised heavenwards, bob and dance in the breeze,
Every moment of sunlight wanting to seize,
Flaxen stars glisten in the sun draped with pearls of diamond dew
Warmed by a rising sun, life to renew.
With the first bright daffodils comes the hope that they bring
Of warming rays and new life as Winter fades to Spring.


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Dancing into the light

Butterfly beautiful, a flower with wings,
Just at the sight of you, my heart sings,
Light as a feather you flutter through the air,
Wheeling and dancing with grace so rare.

Gossamer wings, a flash of red and gold,
As you circle in the sky, beauty to behold,
You settle on a leaf, soft wings flutter a gentle beat,
I watch and into your serene world I retreat

As I watch you in silence a sense of peace steals over me,
A sense of calm and protected, with you I am free,
As you linger on your perch I sense you've a message for me,
That in this moment of beauty we both can be free.

With one last flutter and a flash of wing so bright,
You turn and wheel, dancing, and fly into the light.


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Dare to Dream

Open your mind to what's possible,
Look forward and dare to dream,
Forget the humdrum of here and now,
Your wishes may not be as far away as they seem.
Believe that there really is more to this life,
Believe that you can break free,
Believe that you have the power in you,
To be what you want to be.
You can make the day special,
This is your new day,
Follow the dream you have in your heart,
Let nothing stand in your way.


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Dizzy in the morning, dizzy 'til the night,
Though sometimes I have brief spells when I feel alright,
Now the room is spinning, oh I wish that it would stop!
It feels like I've been drinking but I haven't touched a drop!
Sick of feeling seasick, sick of feeling ill,
If only the neurologist had a magic little pill,
Feeling very dizzy, perhaps it'll help if I lie down and rest,
All this feeling dizzy makes me feel depressed.
Sick of feeling dizzy, my head's in a spin
How I wish that I could be rid of this awful thing!


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Dragonfly blue and iridescent green,
Such rare a beauty never had I seen,
With filigree lace wings it hovers on high,
It's slender body a silhouette against the sky.
It weaves and it dances with such grace and such ease,
Performing acrobatics and endless trapeze.

A flash of iridescence, sunlight on a stream,
I watch you, I watch you, as though in a dream,
Nature made you perfect, a miracle to see,
And dragonfly, dragonfly you dance for me.

It dances for me, for me alone,
Then wheels in the air and flies away home.
I know not where it came from, or where it goes to,
Only that in my day did joy it imbue.


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