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So here we are, Fallen Angel's poetry page. I thought about arranging them by subject, then I thought about arranging them by date, and then it all started getting rather complicated, so I decided instead just to stick with a plain and simple A to Z by title. Want to see all the poems with titles beginning with C? Just click the 'C' and as if by magic the poems shall appear! Them squirrels that run this place ain't half speedy!

This is my assorted collection of poems spanning the years. These cover many times, places and feelings. Some have details of where I was when I wrote them, what I was doing, and what inspired them. With others, it's so long ago now I've no idea where they came from, only that I liked them enough to keep them around.

Some were written as 'me', some for other people, and some while I was trying to get "into character" for whatever I happened to be writing at the time – the weird ones, I'm claiming insanity grounds on. ;–)


In Life

Go and play in the sun.
Though we live in the valley of death
the sun is warm.
In the shade of the tree, barren, decaying though it is,
we can rest, we can sleep,
wrap around us the leaves, skeletal, weak,
and look into ourselves, look out at the world...
in the sunshine, happy in the light.
So go out in the sun, let its rays warm your flesh, dying flesh.
Sleep in its life, play in its rays.
Live as though tomorrow it's rays will warm no more,
for though the tree is here, and it's shadow,
and if we must we can sleep, we can rest.
The warmth of the sun is here
In life
And we are here
In life
though we know, none of us
for how long,
So go out and play in the sun.


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In my perfect garden

In my perfect garden there are daffodils bright
And freesia sweet scented all around
And we sit together, you and I.
We have no need for words.

In sunlight dappled we share the moment.

In the distance a stream babbles
And we stroll to it's shore,
Earth warm against our feet.
Everything is perfect in my secret garden.

Sun glints on the mirror of it's surface,
And we are reflected, shimmering in the warmth.
Softly birds sing, in time with this memory,
In eternal warmth we rest easy.

The world is at peace.


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