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The ecanus•net Retail Extravaganza – in association with the MasterWeb & IBGeekGirl forums

Skip the waffle and go to the shops!

Fantastic tales of that place called the "real world" are vastly exaggerated, we're sure, and of course true geeks can't bear to be parted from their beloved 'puters for anything longer than to nip out for a pint of milk. It's a little known fact that the internet was actually invented for the sole purpose of online shopping. The myth that Tim Berners–Lee invented the internet so that scientists and academics could talk to each other, is just that; a myth. He actually invented it because he wanted to be able to battle to outbid some hapless eBay n00b in the wee hours of the morning in his pyjamas. Remember, you heard it here first!

The MasterWeb mob and IBGeekGirls believe in giving you the complete geek experience. Not only do you get more hints, tips, and useful bits of info than you can shake a stick at on the MasterWeb & IBGeekGirl forum, and the best conversation this side of the intraweb, but also the complete geek shopping experience to boot! Why wander around the shops getting rained on and worse, and trampled underfoot by squalking toddlers in pushchairs and old people with zimmer frames when you can fulfil all your geeky desires (well nearly all of them) from the comfort of your desk. You might never have to leave your computer again!

Here at our shopping mall you'll find geeky stuff galore. There's the MasterWeb & IBGeekGirl Big Sexy T–Shirt Shop, which as it's name suggests is big, sexy, and sells t–shirts, along with all sorts of other geek wear including hats, jackets, and other geeky stuff like mousemats, mugs, and more, all with a geeky theme. Then there's the MasterWeb & IBGeekGirl Books R Us Bookshop that has lots of geeky books that okay might not have the most exciting plot in the world, but will enable you to learn loads of geeky stuff, and other computer related stuff as well.

And if that wasn't enough geekiness for you, we've got the MasterWeb & IBGeekGirl Mega Stickers & More Store as well! Just how much geekiness can you stand!? Of course bumper stickers arem't just for bumpers. They're also perfectly at home on laptops, doors, infact anything that's flat. We don't recommend wearing them on your person though – if it's wearables you're after, try the t–shirt shop instead. The sticker shop though also has pin badges, key rings, and a host of other geeky stuff.

Shopping with ecanus•net is easy – find what you want to buy, hand over your credit card details to the squirrels, who'll dash off to get your order ready for you, then sit back and carry on with whatever geeky stuff you were doing before while you wait for the postie to arrive laden with goodies for you.

So what are you waiting for? Go and explore the MasterWeb & IBGeekGirl retail experience!

The MasterWeb & IBGeekGirls Books R Us Shop

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The MasterWeb & IBGeekGirls Big Sexy T-Shirt Shop

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The MasterWeb & IBGeekGirls Stickers & More Store

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