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Fallen Angel's Smileys

Welcome to the smiley page. These smileys have been created by Fallen Angel at ecanus•net for your viewing pleasure. "But where's the smileys?!" I hear you cry...scroll down the page and they shall appear.

There's quite a few of the pixelated little people, so they're spread on more than one page (so as they're friendly for 54Kb viewers) (links to the categoties further down the page), but for all those lucky broadband/cable/DSL viewers you can also find the complete BIG collection as well.

Why Smileys?

Firstly, let's get one thing straight. I make smileys (smiley in the singular). They're not smilies, or a smilie or emoticons, or any other such Americanadianism type spelling of 'em. ;o) I make smileys. Now we got that straight, we can continue.

Why? Simply because I like them. I like putting pixels together to make a personality. You mix and match the bits and put 'em all together, and you end up with a little person, with it's own character, it's own style, and I like using them on forums and such like. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

The Smileys

The smileys are arranged into categories for ease of finding them, but if you really want the whole lot you'll find the BIG smiley collection here as well. Click the links below to see the smileys, and don't forget to read the rules! My crack team of killer ninja squirrels are always on the lookout for folks trying to nick the smileys. We're still clearing up the remains of the last one the squirrels caught...

Click the links below to view the smileys (you'll need to scroll down to see the smileys themselves). Page reloaded and it looks like the same page? Just scroll down for what's new...

How to use smileys?

  1. Wait for the page to fully load (it won't work until it's fully loaded)
  2. Choose a smiley and click on it to get it's URL/address
  3. It's URL appears in the little box. Copy the URL, and paste it where you want to post it. Many forums either have a button where you can add [img][/img] tags or you can type them yourself. Either way, you need to put the URL between the [img][/img] tags, for example, [img][/img]. When you view your post, the smiley should appear.

Yep, it's that simple. If they don't show up right, then check the help section of the forum you're using to see if there's a different way of posting smileys – some may use different [html] or [bbcode] tags.

Want to use 'em on a website?

You may use my smileys on a website, providing that you follow the rules below and either display a text link to or a banner:

Smileys by Fallen Angel @


smileys by Fallen Angel

Forum owners/admins

I haven't got around to creating a smiley pak just yet, so for now you're stuck with the above methods

The Rules of the Game

I'm happy for you to use my smileys to post on forums or wherever, linking from this site and using my bandwidth, on four conditions:

  1. if you save the smiley to somewhere else, must remain somewhere in the final file path.
  2. You don't claim you made 'em.
  3. You promise to take care of them and talk to them nicely. Smileys have feelings too and respond positively to a few kind words.
  4. If you use 'em on a website, provide a link back to this site – (see above for a banner).

Any questions? Then contact me.

Grab the smiley's URL here!

Wait until the page has finished loading, then click the smiley you want, and as if by magic the squirrels (they're the killer ninja ones) will type it's address in the little box for you.

Still confused? Then take a look at the "How To Use Guide".

Clear URL

Any questions? Then contact me.