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About web design and me

The story with how I got into web design is quite long and tedious, so I shalln't bore you with the whole story, but the extremely short version is that I kind of accidentally fell into web design after volunteering myself to do a website, thinking it was easy, and partly as part of my ongoing research for my novel, Fallen Angel. Within weeks though I was hooked, and after starting out on Microsoft's FrontPage, I think my first site had only been on the server for about three weeks when I embarked working on version 2 and decided I was going to learn to code properly and launched into a mammouth HTML and CSS learning journey, but rather than just using CSS for styling, I jumped in with both feet and launched into full scale CSS layouts and positioning and everything! (and nearly drove myself crazy in the process!)

Actually, to say that was my first site isn't strictly true, because way back in the '90s my first venture onto the web was saving a Word document as HTML. I followed this up with a creation made using my ISPs free web space and their fantastic Web 0.5 site creation tool. It was a pink and purple monstrosity if I remember rightly. Fortunately for the great surfing public those early ventures into the web have been lost in the mists of time.

These days I'm into XHTML and CSS, and I have a special interest in accessibility, web standards, and nice compliant and semantic things. I dabble a bit in PHP and various other bits and pieces.

What's here?

Here in the web design section of the site are some of my favourite code snippets I couldn't live without, a few small tutorials from the old MasterWeb site (more about that later) and some of my web ramblings, and the "MasterWeb with added IB Geek Girl" forums, known colloquially as MW + IBGG.

This section of the site's small–ish but growing. Not all of the stuff from the old MasterWeb site has been transferred acrosss. Some has, some hasn't but probably will be eventually, and some is sort of waiting on the side–lines to see if it's gonna make it into Team Ecanus•net after all.