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About my Writing

I first started writing when I was around thirteen or fourteen during an enforced spell of inactivity. Though my body didn't do much my mind still stayed active, and to pass the time I started writing; a couple of short stories at first and an odd poem here or there, and then I started on my first novel. That sort of never quite got finished, though I'm sure I've still got it around somewhere. Over the years I seem to have started more than I've finished, though on occasions I have actually finished stuff.

The earliest examples of actually finished stuff are probably the trilogy of novels (more perhaps novellas on reflection) I co–wrote with a school friend. It was an odd sort of trilogy because we started with the last one, then went back and did the first one in the trilogy (which at that point wasn't a trilogy) to explain the bits that were unclear from the firrst one we'd done...and then we went back to it and did the final part of the trilogy, which was actually the middle part. Confused yet? We were!

That, I think, was an early example of what happens when you start out with no idea of what you're doing, or any kind of coherent plot. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) those early works are lost in the mists of time. Around the same time though I started another one, but this time a solo venture. That, I did actually finish, but Version 2 of it never quite got finished. That's still loitering around somewhere, though in all honesty I really don't think it'll ever get dusted off and re–written.

After that I had a poetry spell. Through a friend I joined a local writer's group and for a while back there I was quite prolific. I used to trundle along to the group each week, my latest offerings clutched in hand, and we'd spend many a happy evening critiquing each other's work; at least I think they were happy evenings but that may just be the beer from the pub we invariably ended up at after meetings speaking. The group published an anthology of it's members' work complete with ISBN number and everything, and I had a couple of poems and a short story published in it. I've still got a copy of it hanging around somewhere.

Things went kind of quiet for a while after that, but it was during that time in my early twenties that I started writing my magnum opus, Fallen Angel (hence my screen name). Over the years that's been through many incarnations, the latest of which started in 2001 when I decided that the plot was too weak and I needed to do a lot more background research, and that was actually one of the things that lead me into web design. When will Fallen Angel be finished? Good question! I've now decided to set myself goals in an effort to break it down a bit more. These days most of my writing's in code, but I still pick it up occasionally to remind myself where I'd got up to. Apart from coding websites I tend to stick pretty much with poetry and the odd short story these days, but one day Fallen Angel will be finished. I'm just not promising when.

In the meantime though there's some of my short stories here (others are waiting to see if I can successfully retrieve them from floppy disks in formats of yester–year), and my collection of poetry. You'll find those via the menu on the left.

Fallen Angel